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  • Sell software license key codes or pin numbers automatically

    This WordPress Plugin enables you to sell software license key codes, pin numbers, mobile phone key codes or similar codes, automatically when someone makes a valid PayPal purchase.

    This plugin has much of the functionality of the stand alone application PHP-KeyCodes also available from this site.

    The license numbers are listed in the database one entry per line and when a purchase is made, PayPal sends an IPN notification to the plugin which then extracts the first license code number, sends it to the purchaser and then removes that number from the list.

    The email sent to the purchaser contains the pin number, and you should receive a copy of the email.

    The sales history listing also identifies which pin number has been sold to the purchaser.

    A local test system is included which allows you to test without connecting to PayPal.

    Setting a value in the Lower Limit entry box causes an email to be sent to the administrator when the minimum number of key codes has been reached.

  • Installation

    The installation into WordPress is the same as for any plugin as is the procedure for upgrades.

    • In the admin area of your WordPress site, click on 'New Plugin' and then click on 'Upload Plugin'. Browse for the 'withinweb_wwkc_keycodes.zip' on your computer and click on 'Install now'.
    • Activate the plugin once it has been uploaded and un-zipped.
    • In the 'Settings' of the KeyCodes menu, you must enter in your PRIMARY PayPal email address for payments, and an appropriate admin email address.
    • Create an item and enter in the key codes in the key codes field one line at a time.
    • You may test the system using a local test without connecting to PayPal.
    • In 'Settings' make sure you have selected the PayPal enviromment that you want to use, as either PayPal live or PayPal sandbox.
    • To display the PayPal button on your WordPress page, use the short code [keycodesbutton recid='x'] where x is the record id of the product item. Or you can use the HTML code displayed from the 'Item List' Page. You can get the record id of the product by going to 'Item List'.
  • Purchase

    Purchase this WordPress Plugin using PayPal. The complete transaction is handled by the PayPal secure server system.

    If you have not purchased anything through PayPal before, you will be able to register with PayPal, or you may purchase by credit card without registering.


    Once your payment has been accepted you will receive an email from us with a web link from where you download the zip file.

    This premium version may be purchased for $20.00 USD by clicking on the following button:

  • PayPal activation

    Make sure that you have enabled IPN in your PayPal account. You may also have to enter in the IPN Call Back URL which you can get from the 'Settings' menu of the plugin.

    The call back url is actually sent to PayPal as part of the button submission, which means that the url entered in PayPal setup can be different to the url needed for this plugin.

    Hence it is possible to have multiple PayPal IPN systems without any conflicts.

  • Testing

    The best way to test the product is to use a second live PayPal account as that tests the complete system.

    To open a second PayPal account you need a second bank account which some people may find difficult but you will find it worth doing in the long run.

    PHP-KeyCodes has a local test facility which will test all the set up and email details, but does not go through PayPal.

    Note that the PayPal email address you enter into the application must be the Primary PayPal email address. You can set up multiple email addresses in PayPal but only the Primary PayPal address will work with the IPN system.

    Also note that if you receive a purchase which has a currency that is not the same as your default currency, then you have to accept the currency code before the transaction is completed. To overcome this, you can set your account to accept a range of different currencies.

  • Security

    The system has a high level of security in that the key code will not be sent out until the correct PayPal return code is received with the correct purchase values. The system checks that the database value is the same as the amount that has been spent, and the currency code is the correct value. This ensures that any alteration to the button code will not work.

  • Screen shot gallery

    Click on a screen shot below to view the Gallery:

    settings screen
    create item screen
    create item second screen
    item listing
    second item listing screen
    local test screen
    second local test screen
    create item second screen