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Quick guide to site map generator ...

  • Click on 'Site Manager' and double click on one of the site names.
  • In the 'Web Site' tab, enter in Site name, the Root Site URL and Root page URL.

These are the only settings that you need to test the application. Clicking on Start Crawl should begin the process of crawling the site, assuming that the boxes 'Create XML Site Map' and 'Create HTML Site Map' are both ticked (the default condition).

An XML site map and an HTML site map will be generated. If you have not made any other changes to the configuration, the site maps will be saved into the installation folder where the executable thesitemapper.exe is located. This is usually the folder "c:\thesitemapper\"

thesitemapper will also create reports on the crawling process. The main log file is "logging_x.txt" which will be located in the installation folder. This log file will list the pages that have been crawled and will identify if Google Analytics code has been added to the page if this has been requested.

If you tick the box 'Check Google Analytics' on the Web settings page, the report will identify if the page has Google Analytics Javascript code installed on the page.

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