HTML and XML Site Map Generator ....

thesitemapper is a Windows application which crawls defined web sites and automatically creates an HTML site map and an XML site map. The XML site map is in a standard format which can then be used to inform search engines (Google, Yahoo, Microsoft) of new and changed pages on your web site.

The application is provided in a trail version which can be downloaded by clicking here.

The trail version is limited to 30 days but apart from that, the trail version is fully functional.

Use thesitemapper xml html generator to increase your search engine presence and improve your position in search engines.


  • Windows 2000 / XP SP2 / 2003 / Vista / Windows 7
  • Microsoft .NET runtime version 2 or above *

* If you are using Windows 2000 or Windows XP without Service Pack 2 you may need to install the Microsoft .NET Runtime Environment which can be found on the Microsoft site - click here.

NOTE : For Windows 64-bit computers, you have to use Microsoft SQL Server or SQL Server Express for the database because Microsoft Access drivers will not work on 64-bit machines until Office 2010 is released.


HTML site map features

  • Select the HTML site map layout from a number of in-built displays.
  • Either use html codes such as <font> etc within the display or use your own css style sheet.
  • Define an external template where the generated site map is dropped into position.
  • Create many HTML site maps with each configured independently.
  • Automatically ftp the site map when complete.
  • Indexes Microsoft documents and Adobe pdf documents as well as web pages.
  • Creates a log file of pages that were crawled and indexed.
  • Exclude unwanted text from being indexed.

XML site map features

  • Build a professional search engine friendly xml site map quickly and easily.
  • Automatically creates an XML site map to the site map protocol standard.
  • FTP's the site map to the defined location.
  • If the number of urls are greater than 50000, it creates an index then splits the files into sub files as required by the site map protocol. So if the site map is called site.xml, it will create further files site1.xml, site2.xml and so on.
  • Optionally create gzip versions of the xml site map.
  • Automatically pings the search engines.
  • Easily add further search engines to the ping list as they adopt the protocol.
  • Use it on as many web sites as you like with each site independently configured for ftp, scheduling etc.
  • Use the in-built scheduling system or run the application from the command line with Windows scheduling.

Features for Google Analytics

  • Reports on which pages have the Google Analytic code installed.
  • Identifies the Google Analytics user account in the report.
  • Works with either the older urchin.js or the newer ga.js Google Javascript code.

General features

  • Use it on as many sites are you like with each site independently configured.
  • Use the in-built scheduler or run from the command line with Windows scheduling.
  • Data is stored in an MS Access database by default or you may use MS SQL Server or SQL Server Express.
  • Creates a log file that can be emailed to an administrator using SMTP.
  • Crawling can use robots.txt file on your web site to control crawl.
  • Crawling handles NOFOLLOW meta tag in web pages.
  • Identify folders and files that you don't want the crawler to crawl.


The application costs $30.00 USD and may be purchased by clicking here.

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The full registered version costs $30 U.S. Dollars

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A trial version is available by clicking here.

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