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HTML site map

HTML site maps enable you to list all your web pages in a structured format allowing the urls to be more easily submitted to search engines and providing a convenient way for users to navigate your site.

Details of web pages are extracted and then listed according to your requirements. In particular, the web page title, the url and the folder are all extracted and then displayed.

The results may be shown in various formats, including listing on a single page, or in a multi-page A to Z index.

You may define the format of the listings and select, fonts, colors, etc or you may define css styles and use your own css style sheet and template layout.

The application is very flexible in that you may create as many sites as you like, each site being independently configurable in terms of format, layout, ftp details, scheduling and so on.

XML site map

An XML site map is basically one or more XML formatted files containing a list of your site URLs - along with indicators such as priority and frequency for each URL.

XML site maps are an easy way for you to help improve your site's representation for search engine systems that recognize the XML site map format. It enables you to communicate directly with the search engine. You get a smarter crawl because you can provide the search engine with specific information about all your web pages, such as when a page was last modified or how frequently it changes.

The XML site map is retrieved from the root level of your web site by the crawler.

By transmitting your XML site map directly to the search engine, you enable the crawler to crawl your site more effectively and efficiently.

Once you have created your XML site map and it is on your web server, you have to inform the search engine crawler. This is done differently depending on the search system.

For Google, login in to Google webmaster tools at : create an account and submit the site map.

Yahoo also supports the XML site map format as well as a number of other formats. However, the Yahoo site map must be manually submitted to: create an account, authenticate your site and submit the site map name.

Microsoft search system also supports the XML format.

thesitemapper includes the facility to automatically 'ping' the required url to inform the search engine that the XML site map is available. The location of the page depends on the search engine, but can be added into thesitemapper. As other search engines use the method, the ping page can be added.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics only tracks pages that contain the Google Analytics tracking code. This code needs to be added to each page of your site, either manually or through the use of includes or other methods. The report will give you more information on each page of your site, and if there are any tracking errors.

Further information on XML site maps

Refer to the site : which describes the site map protocol and the explains the meaning of the various options.

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