• CSV Import into PHP-KeyCodes

  • PHP-KeyCodes

    This section describes the file format to bulk import product items into the application using a csv file format.

  • PHP-KeyCodes

    File Format

    Example file : in csv format or as a text file

    csv is a text file where each field is separated by a comma character and each line represents a record.

    • item_number

      Unique item number

    • item_name

      Item name

    • mc_gross

      Gross value which will be something like : 34.99

    • item_title

      The title of the product

    • keycodes

      The key codes or pin numbers where each must be separated by <br> to represent a new line. The script will correctly convert <br> into a new line.


    (1)  You cannot use the comma character (,) in any field because it is used as the field separator in csv.

    (2)  You cannot update existing records, only create new records.

    (3)  The currency code (e.g. USD) is not defined in the csv file, but is taken as the default value in setup.

    (4)  The email texts are not defined in the csv file, but are assumed to be the default as defined in setup.