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PHP-eSeller - sell digital mp3 downloads using PayPal

use paypal ipn to sell shopping cart products


documentation :

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Demo : To view an on-line demo illustrating the admin pages and store front, click here.

Pricing : PHP-eSeller costs $55 U.S. Dollars, and yes we sell the product using our own application. Click here to go to the purchase page for further details.

Enquiries : If you have any questions about the product, go to the contacts page by clicking here.

Showcase ecommerce stites : To see how customers have used the application, go to the user sites page by clicking here

Sell mp3 digital downloads with PayPal ...

PHP-eSeller can be used to sell mp3 digital downloads and other files securely and automatically using PHP and a mySQL database.

It allows you to sell your music downloads and other files online using PayPal to handle all the credit card transactions.

Other uses are for selling downloadable ebooks online or any other type of file.

The application includes facilities to send emails to all customers, or to specific customers that have purchased a particular item and help you sell more mp3 digital downloads.

All transactions are stored in the database and are displayed on a graph and in a sales to-date page.